With war ravaging his home in Syria, Dabbour, an introverted, 25-year-old pigeon herder, flees to Berlin with Yasser, his childhood friend. Dabbour is trying to learn the ropes in this new country; while trying to learn German he’s fallen for his German teacher, Zara. One day in a Berlin train station, Dabbour sees a wayward, injured pigeon on the railway tracks; without thinking he jumps to save it, causing chaos and almost getting himself killed. For this, he is arrested by the police – and he realizes how much he misses home and his birds. Yasser asks Dabbour to use his talents as a "pigeon whisperer" to steal stray pigeons and train them to transport drugs. Dabbour agrees, then realizes it was a big mistake. Dabbour sinks further and further into the world of crime and drug-smuggling, jeopardizing his residency status in Germany. Dabbour is forced to choose between his loyalty to his new “family” — the drug ring — and doing the right thing. Will love be his ultimate salvation? Read on Amazon
Meet Yassin, a 30-year-old mute Moor who is hired for 28 days as a clerk at the Museum of Seville. His task is to translate some letters that were dated back to more than a thousand years ago. Those 28 days change Yassin and urge him to dig deep into the writings of Ibn Arabi where he learns lessons of love, spirituality, and wisdom. Yassin learns that there is more to the discovery than the letters, there is an Andalusian Tapestry hiding in a secret chamber “The Chamber of Ibn Arabi”. The Tapestry weaves the content of the letters, with the Arabic alphabets, and the 28 days of the Moon. Read on Amazon.
In the desert sands, where the scorching sun beats down, there lies a secret - a treasure beyond measure. A treasure that men would kill for, a treasure that men would die for. The Blue Gold, the precious water that flows beneath the desert sands, is the key to survival in a world where water is scarce. And so, the battle for control of this precious resource begins.
In the midst of this struggle, a young janitor, Aziz, at the Maya water factory in Arabia rises to power, using his wit and cunning to navigate the treacherous world of politics and gain control of the Blue Gold. Along the way, he is aided by a cast of eclectic characters, including a tyrant rooster, a timid fox, and a famous actor who delves into the world of the Barzakh, the isthmus between this world and the next.

As Aziz fights for control of the Blue Gold, he is faced with difficult choices, moral dilemmas, and the harsh realities of a world where water is the most valuable commodity of all. In the end, he must decide whether to hold onto his power and wealth, or to use it to bring about a better world for all.
Maya, the blue gold, flows like a river of life. A precious commodity that men will fight and die for. The first book in the trilogy, it tells the story of Aziz, a janitor at the Maya water factory, who rises to become the ruler of a new world.

The second book, "The Twelve Springs," takes us on a journey of discovery, as our characters seek out the legendary springs that hold the key to survival in a water-starved land. And in the final installment, "Gog and Magog," the world is on the brink of collapse as the ancient enemy, Gog and Magog, threatens to destroy all that is left. Will our heroes be able to save humanity from the end of the world?

Maya is a tale of power, greed, and the struggle for survival in a world where water is the ultimate prize. It is a story of hope and redemption, of the human spirit and the will to survive in the face of impossible odds.