I'm Motaz H. Matar

A Storyteller, film director
& idea generator.

In the world of my own, tales are woven of mystic journeys and mysterious characters who traverse uncharted lands in search of the meaning of home. They are introverted dreamers, peering through their own lenses at a tumultuous world, wondering if they could hit the rewind button and change the course of fate. I pen stories of underdogs, of Dabbour, the Syrian refugee and pigeon whisperer who joins a drug gang in Germany, of Yassin, the mute who is tempted to steal a 1000-year-old tapestry from the Museum of Seville, and Aziz, the janitor at a water factory in Arabia who rises to rule a new world. In this world, there is a tyrannical rooster, a timid fox, and a famous actor who plunges into the realm of the Barzakh after leaping from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cinema and music, two art forms that capture my soul. I bring to life stories on the silver screen and weave melodies on my handpan. Check out my feature film, "Slingshot," on Vimeo, a masterpiece crafted in 2017. And for those who long to hear the enchanting melodies of the handpan, visit my Hangdrum page, where you will find a symphony of sound.